Saturday, September 03, 2022

Viking Way: Bardney/Stainfield to Fiskerton

 We've been making progress with our Viking Way walk in legs of 5-8 miles at a time with transport at each end so that we can walk more of the trail each time. 

I haven't been blogging every walk because I post the information and pictures on UK-Walks

But this time I have quite a few extra pictures of a very pleasant and surprising day. 

The surprise was Barlings Abbey. We'd noticed quite a few ruined abbeys in this small area but there's usually not very much to see; some mounds and an information board. As you approach Barlings Abbey, though, you can see quite a chunk of the old wall, possibly dating back to 1154.

Our walk was on 30 August. That wonderful time when apples and blackberries are ripe for the picking. Things are still very green and the weather is warm but not too hot.

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