Monday, December 05, 2011

Radio Mast Walk

This is probably the first time ever that I've set off without a route planned.

The concept was simple, to walk towards these radio masts until I reached them and found out where they are.

They're just about visible from my house (but only on a clear day or at night when they're lit up). My man says, "That'll be Tamworth or Lichfield". "There's no way they're that far away" I said, and to prove it I set off with the intention of reaching them in a couple of hours. This (above) is as close as I got in the time I had but I believe he's right with Lichfield and more importantly it was a fabulous walk with some wonderful views.

One to do another day with a few more sarnies and more time. One thing I was very pleased about - the compass bearing from my house is 240 degrees (south-west-ish) and by following public footpaths and roads in that direction (without being able to see them very often) I was able to stay very close to that course - after 6 miles the compass bearing was still exactly 240 degrees.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New circular route by Rutland Water

Distance: 5.4 miles
Terrain: gentle incline to about 40 metres above starting point
Location: Rutland / Leicestershire [location map]
Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer 234

A very misty November day, perhaps not ideal conditions for looking for good views, but it did make for some nice pictures, and it was patchy and therefore clear in places.

This new circular route is a very pleasant walk, taking in a mediaeval village as well as some very pretty contemporary villages (Brooke and Gunthorpe). The off-road paths are well-waymarked and the inclines are gentle.

For more details about the route, please see its new page at uk-walks. Photos from the day are below.

Rutland Water on a foggy November dayDSC07326'dancing' trees - fascinating avenue of hawthorne treesChurch at BrookeDSC07364DSC07366 In between the fog, sky was beautifulSloes with dew from the fogIvy berriesPheasantWalking close to Rutland WaterRutland Water on a foggy November day More teazlesRutland Water on a foggy November dayHawthorne berriesTeazles

Sunday, August 07, 2011

DSC06931DSC06939DSC06943DSC06947DSC06960DSC06968 DSC06989DSC06992DSC06995DSC07000DSC07002DSC07009 DSC07011DSC07013DSC07016DSC07017DSC07019Wilson Staunton Harold ReservoirdamsonsDSC06977croppedDSC06986cropped

30m Trent and Mersey walk, a set on Flickr.

A training walk for the Ivanhoe Way, I intended to walk 25m without a firm plan. On return i found I'd walked 30, so feel almost ready for the 36 of the Ivanhoe.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lathkill Dale and Youlgreave Spring 2011

DSC06064DSC06066DSC06072DSC06087DSC06089DSC06097 DSC06100DSC06106DSC06108DSC06112DSC06118DSC06123 DSC06125DSC06126DSC06132DSC06135DSC06137DSC06140 DSC06144DSC06147DSC06148DSC06155DSC06131croppedDSC06119cropped

Walked:21 April 2011
Distance: 11.5 miles

Today I walked the shorter version of my Youlgrave and Lathkill Dale route. Lambing time, gorgeous summery weather. It was very easy to forget that it's still spring, just little signs like some trees still not being in leaf.