Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tryfan Circular Walk

Distance: 5m
Walked: 25 Oct 2010
Terrain: climb to 900m with scrambling

In Wales for something completely different, the weather looked so good on Monday that I decided to stay and walk.

Tryfan is just about 3,000ft (916m) and not for the faint-hearted or inexperienced. I've climbed it once before but I'd forgotten how difficult it is. At times I thought I'd made a mistake trying to go up alone, but the sense of achievement was amazing.

The walk starts by the beautiful Llyn Ogwen. A very still and sunny day today hence the lovely reflections.

I decided to use the heather terrace to climb it, this is the most gentle way up, although close to the top it's impossible to finish without scrambling (climbing over or up rocks using all four limbs).

The views today were stunning. So lucky given the time of year.

I've not dared to jump from Adam to Eve (or vice versa) but have seen others do it. It's 3,000ft up and the summit is steep, particularly in one direction, so after a missed landing mountain rescue could be picking up the pieces.

I chose another way down, past Llyn Bochlwyd. Again, the views were amazing, although tainted slightly by pain from the legs; briuses and scrapes as well as aches.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Curbar Edge and Froggatt Edge in the autumn

Walked: 16/10/10
Distance: 9 miles
Terrain: good surfaced paths, climb to 340m

This walk has some superb views and is easy walking.

Today was a mixed bag weatherwise but fortunately the sun came out over the most gorgeous views.

There's an option at SK255775 of turning around and retracing your steps, or nipping down into the Derwent valley and using the Derwent Valley Heritage Trail for the return loop. The latter is well-signed and it's enjoyable to see above you the silhouette of the edge you've just walked.