Sunday, January 08, 2012

Chasing rainbows

The last attempt at walking to these masts was cut short and as the bank holiday was such a gorgeous day I decided to keep walking until I found them.

The day was so pleasant that it didn't seem like January at all.

I got as far as Fisherwick (by Lichfield) which is within spitting distance of the tall one. At this point I'd done 15miles (= 30 miles for the round trip) and was doubtful about the hooves carrying me all the way back. It was completely dark half way back but the sky was so clear and the moon so bright that I could see clearly and had a very strong shadow. I was also fascinated with two stars so bright that I guessed that they were planets and later identified them as Jupiter and Venus.

DSC07480DSC07485DSC07492DSC07493The end of the rainbowIn a reflective mood DSC07506DSC07477

Chasing Rainbows, a set on Flickr.