Sunday, November 15, 2009

South Derbyshire Saunter

This picture best sums up today. The trees are now in a partial or total state of undress but after a horribly wet and windy few days, it's now unseasonably warm and sunny.

Distance: 9m
Walked: 15/11/09

For reasons of time I cut out some of the less nice paths and ended up with a cut-down 'lite' version of my '3 viewpoints' walk. (Missing out two of the original viewpoints!).

The first alteration was to cut off Bardon church and use a beautiful path from Burney Lane (just past Scotland Farm) to Melbourne.

The next alteration was to turn left at Robin Wood and head directly to Ticknall, using another very pleasant countryside path.

Holly berries are out! Jollymerry.

Click the map to view on OS Explore.

Monday, November 02, 2009

What's to see in November?

This new (to me) camera has been a life-changer. On this breezy but bright November day, rather than tread many miles at a purposeful pace, I spent a couple of hours covering half a mile through some woods and back. Rather than face forward and concentrate on the route, I looked around and found many interesting things.

I did visit this particular woods because I went astray here while walking the Ivanhoe Way last time, and wanted to make sure I knew the correct route ready for next time.

The most noticeable things about November are the green turning brown, trees turning bare and the ground becoming covered with a carpet of bronze leaves.

The dry pods of this broom are beautiful in macro.

The bracken is turning brown.

More bracken? No, this is moss in extreme close-up. Frondy.

These guys were tiny:

There are more new photos in my Autumn Colour set over at Flickr.