Sunday, October 11, 2009

Autumn Colour at The Heart of The National Forest

Walked: 11 October
Distance: 10 miles
Summary: Starting from The car park at the bottom of Gorse Lane, Walk to Albert Village and around the lake. Cross the road and through Diana Memorial Woods and Tunnel Wood. Along the railway line to Oakthorpe, to Willesley, Boothorpe and back to the start.

This will be a nice walk to do in the murkiest depths of winter because much of it follows well-surfaced paths.

Today, though, I wasn't really fired up by the walking or the route, but fired up by the autumn colour and by the new (to me) camera that has arrived in the post. To be honest, it's battered and not very new, but it's so much better than my old one and I had to try it out! And what amazing colour there is out there at the moment.

I started close to Albert Village, simply because I pass this tree on my way to work every day and can't believe the colours it's turned:

I was pleased to see these black spots on the sycamore - it's said to be an indicator of air quality (the fungus causing it doesn't thrive in urban areas) and is part of the natural life cycle of the leaves.

Putting the macro through its paces was fun!! And there are so many beautiful things around to get up close to... rosehips, hawthorn berries, elderberries and even some blackberries left. (They were delicious!)

More photos on Flickr:

Click the map below to find an interactive version on OS Explore. Find your way around the route with an even more detailed OS Explorer 245 (The National Forest)