Monday, January 18, 2010

Stretching the legs around Ticknall

Walked: 18 Jan 2010
Distance: 6m

Words but no picutres today on account of no memory stick in the camera. This is the start of me picking up my walking again after a bit of a lull and starting to work my distance up ready for this summer's Ivanhoe Way walk.

Would there be much to see in the middle of January? What distinguishes January seems to be more about what's not there than what is there. The recent snow flurry has now melted and it's reasonably sunny and warm, meaning that there's little to distinguish this season from others now, other than the absence of leaves and flowers.

There's a surprising amount of green. Holly and ivy kleep things looking green where they grow, and the fields have just turned from white (snow) to green as this year's winter crops are starting to show through. It's fascinating to see what's been planted where. In one field I could see rape springing up where wheat had been last year and maize the year before.

I deliberately left the walk until mid-afternoon because I'd predicted a beautiful sunset. Sadly not correctly, but there was a beautiful thin sliver of a new moon in the clear sky.

My route is on OS Explore here