Sunday, February 02, 2014

"It only comes half way up my ducks..."

I generally avoid tarmac but in a wet February it's the way to avoid sloshing around in water and mud. You'd think.

Sign: Flood. Me: Really?

The alternatives were a very long diversion, or braving Swarkestone Causeway on foot (I'm not that brave). It's not the first time I've taken my boots off for a wade. I'd seen 4WD's and large vans ploughing through it so I assumed it wasn't as deep as it looked.

 What I hadn't really thought about was how far it would go on....
 ... and on....
It wasn't deep at all in places. In some places it came knee-high.

The other thing I hadn't considered was that the water would be *really* cold. Silly thing to do? Probably. But fun.


r1ckatkinson said...

I've not done that sort of thing since I was a kid :-)

So what do you do, put your boots back on with wet feet or walk along in bare feet waiting for them to dry?

I'm sure it's not a problem for any galactic hitchhikers.

peahen said...

lol, unfortunately I didn't have my towel with me! I did my best with a couple of tissues and waited while I drank coffee. The water was incredibly cold but I was fine while moving. It was only after stopping that I started to shake with cold.