Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ivanhoe Way (over two days)

Distance: 19 miles
Walked: Saturday 10 August 2013
Total miles walked this year: 195
Route: Anticlockwise from Stanton under Bardon to Ashby

Distance: 18 miles
Walked: Sunday 11 August 2013
Total miles walked this year: 214
Route: Anticlockwise from Ashby to Stanton under Bardon

As a training walk for doing the whole lot in one go, I walked the route over two days. I'm aiming for 12 hours this year and my speed here was certainly up to it - average more than 3mph each day.

It was a little bit sad to see signs of autumn, but then again, my first blackberries of the year were delicious:
 One of the first signs of leaves turning, the black spots that appear on sycamore. Supposedly a sign of good air quality.

 Paths were still passable despite some crops being head-height
 Conkers, anyone?
 Not very filling but it's great to find wild raspberries:

 Some curious fellas:


aliqot said...

Quite a walk all in one go! The year rushes on apace - all caught up after the late spring! Looking forward to blackberries - I picked a few bilberries in Lancashire this week, but ate them before I ever thought of taking a pic.

Unknown said...

Interesting photos and, yes, there is a feel of autumn in the air.

Unknown said...
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r1ckatkinson said...

You should have included a photo of the pie :-)