Friday, April 02, 2010

Albert Village circular walk

Distance: 5m
Walked: 28 March 2010

My first tentative steps into the sunshine after a long hibernation were to explore some paths around Albert Village on the South Derbyshire / North-West Leicestershire border. A short 5m walk was just enough to get the legs working again.

After a very long cold winter and a long wait for the daffs to come out, I managed to spot several very early signs of spring. some trees as well as the hawthorne were coming into bud, and a few of those buds were starting to unfurl. Fluffy catkins were showing on willow trees.

Extra year-round colour on this walk is provided by gorse.

The National Forest is a Forest in the Making. This walk takes in some well-established as well as some newly-planted woods, and has some beautiful views over the lake at Albert Village.

On the second loop of this walk, to the east of the lake, a viewpoint gives you a great view over the lake and surrounding woods.


dive said...

Yay! Spring is here and Pea is back walking again.

I love that shot of the newly planted trees and the bench; it looks for all the world like they're waiting there for you to sit down and tell them a story.

peahen said...

Thank you Dive, it's so good to hear from you.

Pea is back walking with a vengeance. Today I became self-employed again and I find that walking makes me feel uplifted and gets me thinking straight.

I will go tell those trees a story. I have a few good ones to tell. This area has such a story to tell back too. With this walk in particular you can see the regeneration of the mine-scarred landscape being regenerated.