Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ashby to Hartshorne

Walked: 29 June 2008
Distance: 9m

Some classic South Derbyshire views, taken before I did my usual stupid acrobatic jump over a stile, landed badly and walked several miles on a sore ankle. That gave me a reasonable excuse to get a lift home when it started to rain.

This is a very pleasant walk. As far as pretty villages go, I love Smisby, the views from alongside the Ashby by-pass are superb, and the part of Ivanhoe Way from there to the Ferrers Craft Centre is one of my favourite local routes.

The derelict cottage is covered in elderflower, a fragrant flower which some people still use to make cordial and more importantly, white wine. I have collected mine this weekend. Later in the year the berries also make wonderful red wine. I've also seen someone eating the leaves in sandwiches.

I love this cottage as an example of nature very quickly reclaiming its land.


dive said...

I LOVE that derelict cottage, Pea.

And the cow shot is fantastic! They are spooky creatures.

peahen said...

These ones have that innocent air about them and were very curious.

dive said...

I must admit, they are kinda cute.

Alifan said...

Hello Pea, hope the ankle is much better..

Great photographs.....