Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Walcott beach

Not exactly the kind of hike that I generally write about here, but I've always loved a walk along the beach or clifftop.

Warnings have been issued about the clifftop paths being unstable due to all the rain, but there's no danger at Walcott and it has a concrete defence which you can walk along if the tide's right in.

More photos from this day here on Flickr


Charlie Wildgoose said...

I tend to post my blogs no matter where I walk ... they all count.

I had a look at your photos on Flickr and think you've got some good shots of the seabirds.

Shiela Dixon said...

Thanks Charlie, I'm pleased with some of those. But having moved from a bridge camera with a 12x optical zoom to an SLR with a relatively small zoom, I do get frustrated - I think a longer lens may be on the shopping list!

Charlie Wildgoose said...

I used to have an SLR but it got to be a bit of a pain hanging around my neck ... with my mapcase and my binocoulars. I looked a nerd. So I went for a Panasonic Lumix with x16 magnification. It does what I want it to do which is the main thing.