Sunday, November 18, 2012

grass or concrete?

Here I'm standing in the middle of the Holywell site just on the edge of Ashby, the Beeches pub is down there somewhere to the left. I'm using the public footpath here, everyone has a right to walk through and enjoy these lovely views. There's a planning application in to build here 400 houses, a shop, school and other facilities. It's in the middle of The National Forest with Prestop Park Wood just in front and to the right, and Ingles Hill Wood behind me. It looks better as it is, I think!

More photos of this morning's walk in my set Walking in and around Prestop Park Wood


Charlie Wildgoose said...

It's a horrible thought having 400 houses there and I don't even know the place. I wonder if planners/developers ever think of the countryside. It's alright keeping on building but surely we should treasure out countryside. Let's build upwards [or control the population !] rather than building outwards ~ now that's controversial.

OK brown field sites are ok ...

Shiela Dixon said...

I'm proud to say that I spoke against the plans at the original planning meeting where these plans were rejected. We all knew that the developers would appeal though.

I'm with you on population control. Not politically correct to say so! But a quick look at population growth (doubled in the last 50 years) it's obvious to anyone that's not sustainable.

It's stupid to be planning for a growing population, but trouble is that at the end of the day, money trumps all other concerns.

Shiela Dixon said...

I'm not sure that people appreciate the rate of building. At the monthly planning meeting I went to, this was the smaller of three big developments in the district, the other two were passed.