Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weavers' Way - diversions / Broadland flood alleviation scheme

A programme of flood defence work along Broadland rivers is responsible for some path closures. It seems fairly long-term as they've gone to the trouble of printing this message on the OS map! I've also now seen a message on Norfolk County Council's website.
But when I started walking the second half of the Weavers' Way I'd not seen any of these messages and this first notice just outside Yarmouth was a heart-sinking moment. The poster says "Not possible to provide a diversion" and suggests catching the train from Yarmouth to the Berney Arms.
Happily for me, This particular diversion starts after Easter weekend 2013, one week after my walk. There's no word on how long this closure will be in effect, so be prepared to catch the train or avoid this section completely, starting or finishing at Halvergate. Alternatively, you could investigate the path marked on the map as 'Paddys Loke' which looks like a good diversion, although you would have to cross the A47 and two railway lines (which is I guess why the council haven't suggested it).
The next diversion was in effect when I walked, between Acle Bridge and Oby. It's a long diversion, perhaps adding a couple of miles, but it is very easy to follow. Again no word on timing, but it looks pretty long-term as miles of wire and fence-posts have been put in along the diversion to keep you on track.
The last closure incident (nearly the last straw for me - these notices were becoming very frustrating!) is just past (or just before depending on which direction you're walking) Old Potter Heigham Bridge. This time there were no cordons or barriers, so I carried on without any problems. I guess from the rusty staples that this notice is old and the work has finished. (Please take the sign down NCC!!)

According to the contractor's website, we're now half-way through a 20-year scheme. The point is to improve access as well as to reduce the flood risk, so we can look forward to great paths, but also some inconvenience for quite a while to come.

Note that this work affects the section of Weavers' Way between Potter Heigham and Great Yarmouth. The first half of the long-distance path is I believe unaffected.

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Charlie Wildgoose said...

There's nothing worse than planning a walk only to get there and find there's a closure ... or a diversion. I must admit that there have been times that I've just carried on regardless but this isn't always feasible.

Hope you're enjoying the walk otherwise Shiela.