Sunday, March 31, 2013

The trouble with the weather forecast....

... is that it's always wrong. A sweeping statement but here's some evidence.

I'm an unashamed fair weather walker and so plan my walking according to the weather forecast. But here's why I've been frustrated recently.

These are screenshots from the Met Office's own app - the official body in the UK for gathering data and forecasting the weather. They provide that information to everyone else who gives you the UK weather. They have a computer the size of a football pitch.

There's only the odd case of the previous day's forecast matching the next day's actual weather. Now I'm only really interested in the rain, but check out the temperature forecast for Sat 23 March when it was 5 days away. Predicted 8 degrees. The next day the same day's temp was predicted 1 degree, the next day 0 degrees and when it was one day away it was predicted -1. Good work folks!

To be fair, it's been an unstable period of weather, but really, if they can only predict the weather when it's more stable, at those times so can I by looking out of the window.

Yes, I'm English and proud, and love talking about the weather! Perhaps this is why we love talking about it....

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