Monday, October 08, 2012

Dovedale October 2012

Not my usual kind of walk, this is a very popular and beautiful path, well maintained by The National Trust with good facilities. It's very dog and family-friendly.

Money grows on trees here! There are a number of logs on the way which have had coins hammered into the splits by walkers. I've not seen this anywhere else - have you?

My suggested route - Milldale to Dovedale and back (or vice versa)  is about 6 miles with good parking at either end.

More details about the route are here

More photos fron today's walk are on Flickr here

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Unknown said...

Lovely photographs of one of my favourite places which is just too busy sometimes. The one in the top left hand corner of Viator's Bridge is nice.

As for the 'money tree' there's another one in Padley Gorge which is also on National Trust property. See