Sunday, October 14, 2012

Autumn mist

I gather that it was beautifully misty frosty morning earlier, which made me wish that I was a morning person. A quick look at some of this morning's webcam images confirms this. The first signs of autumn colour in the trees, mist hanging over them and frost on the emerging crop.

Then I noticed not so early - pic taken at five to nine. Still wishing I could get up that early.


Charlie Wildgoose said...

It was indeed a lovely misty morning, at least here in Darley Dale.

We did a short walk [a stroll really] up on Darley Hillside. Down in the Derwent Valley though there was still plenty of mist at 10.30am. Perhaps we should have been down there with the camera ...

Shiela Dixon said...

sounds lovely. You're lucky to have such views in strolling distance. To see dawn in the Peaks I have to get up even earlier than I do to walk here in the National Forest.

Been looking at your own photos - lovely!

Charlie Wildgoose said...

Thanks Shiela.

It's the same if I want to walk in the National Forest ! I have to get up early. Still, yesterday with the sun, a dash of mist and the autumn colours, I think we were all favoured.