Sunday, August 17, 2008

mad flowers

Walked: 16 August 2008
Distance: 10m

I have done this route before, or variations of it. I've taken lots of photos of Anchor Church caves before, fortunately, because today I didn't have good batteries in my camera, and it was a grey, miserable day anyhow.

I did have enough battery power to take a few pictures of these mad flowers, though. For a long stretch alongside the Trent there grow these pink triffid-like flowers. They're tall (Rog is a good 6 feet tall), smell heavenly, and there are millions of them, tightly packed into this one spot. They look like a cross between a sweet pea and a snapdragon, but I've no idea what they are.

[edit] Thanks to Roger's mum, we now know that this is Himalayan Balsam, it escaped from Kew Gardens in 1837 and is running amok. Perhaps my triffid reference was more accurate than I thought.

1 comment:

dive said...

Oh, Yikes, Pea! Trifids indeedy! Rampant, weedy invaders.
Pretty, though.
Good to see Rog there, too! Rampant and not at all weedy. Hee hee.