Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blackfordby blackberries

Walked: 9 August 2008
Distance: 8m

One of my most regular routes, the only really notable thing to say about today's walk is that the blackberries are starting to come ripe. Most are still green or red, but there are a few which are deliciously ready.


Jules said...

We were foraging for blackberries out the back of Calke Abbey on Saturday, they were delicious.

peahen said...

You're right, Jules, they're just gorgeous. On any walk for the next week or two I'll be gorging myself on them. It's unbelievable that money is changing hands for them in the shops. HELLOOOO - they grow like weeds in our countryside and can be gathered by the bucketful for free.... I made a seasonal blackberry and apple pie yesterday. Mmmmmm.