Sunday, May 25, 2008

Distance: 22m
Walked: 25 May 08

For posterity, the first two pictures here feature the cooling towers at Willington. Although I find the huge grey shapes ugly, I have become comfortably familiar with the landmark. At several places you can see both Ratcliffe power station and Willington cooling towers marking (very approximately) the eastern and western extremes of the beautiful district of South Derbyshire.

While idly flicking through this month's Heritage News, I discovered that they are not only no longer in use, but could soon be destined for demolition.

A recent attempt to have them listed has failed, meaning that their future is uncertain.

On to the walk. Today was sunny, but very windy. The may blossom is just going off, some of it turning pink or cream. The lambs are getting bigger.

The route follows part of the Trent and Mersey canal which runs parallel to the Trent valley. It also takes in historic Repton and Anchor Church caves.


Jules said...

Like you I find Willington Cooling towers ugly, but whenever I see them I know I'm not too far from home.

whippetsgalore said...

Lovely pictures as always, but you do have some brilliant scenery around you. Can't wait to come back again. Enjoy your walking.

peahen said...

Thanks WG - yes it is beautiful here, but so it is where you are, and I guess I'll be back enjoying Norfolk before you next come this way.

Yes Jules, they are landmarks that you can see from a very long way away. I'll miss them if they go.

dive said...

It would be a shame to lose the towers; they're a kind of organic, friendly shape (like your first try on a potter's wheel) and they've weathered down to a nice colour.

I love the hawthorn. That's been keeping me san on the train for the past couple of weeks but has now finished flowering and is giving way to Elder and dog-rose.

Not too sure about the oilseed rape, though. Pretty, but invasive and annoying.

That wonderful old dead oak cries out for some close-ups next time you're passing, Pea.

Great photos as ever.