Saturday, May 10, 2008

Combs Edge - little-known Peak District views

Walked: 5 May 2008(Mayday Bank Holiday)
Distance: 10 miles

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'd arranged a day walking in the Peak District with friends. An Austrian friend has been staying here for a year - the year is nearly over and she was keen to see the best of our countryside.

Having settled on the bank holiday, I was keen to find somewhere not swarming with my fellow walkers, so I thought Combs Edge might fit the bill and it did!

It was difficult to draw a route that would suit experienced and less experienced walkers, but the 10-mile route seemed fine. We allowed plenty of time, and took plenty of stops.

The first part of the walk is along the Goyt Valley, a level walk alongside the reservoir, before climbing the opposite side of the valley, from where we had a fantastic view of the valley we'd just walked along, as well as the high spots that we had yet to climb. Notably the site of an old fort, which looked so high and so far in the distance.

We descended into Combs, which is a pretty village, before making the steep climb to the fort.

That was the half way point and made a great spot for lunch.

Most of the second half of the walk follows the contour of the edge. Despite being so high, it was very boggy and not such pleasant walking. The views did compensate though.

On the previous exploratory trip, we'd picked a route down from the edge which was a bit steep, and had to explore a bit to find a more gentle descent which met a footpath. It was still a bit tough and exercised muscles that don't normally get much use.

It's easy to pick up the Midshire's Way which takes you back to the car park by the reservoir.

This was the second time that I've arranged a walk for a group of friends. Despite being a very happy solitary walker, I thoroughly enjoyed the organising, the company and the walk itself. A very enjoyable benefit of going as a group was the couple of drinks and a pub meal we treated ourselves to at the end.


dive said...

Hokay. First I'll fess up to going "Aaah." out loud at the sight of the pretty baa-lambs.
Those views are spectacular, Pea. I hope your tour party was suitably grateful when you got to the pub at the end of the walk.

peahen said...

Yes, the sheep crystalises seem to have hatched. I think you're about as sentimental as me over these things, Dive, but I couldn't help fetching the camera out for little lambs several times. We even saw some new-borns. The views would have been even better if the sun had been out, but then I don't think we would have made it up to the top - it was hot enough as it was! They were certainly grateful to be finished. It was a very good day and I really enjoyed the company. (And you know how I like my own company!!)

Jules said...

Beautiful views.

peahen said...

quote: "going "Aaah." out loud at the sight of the pretty baa-lambs."

I even feel a little bit guilty at having a bit of one in the oven right now.

dive said...

Hee hee hee.
And thanks for reminding me of the "sheep chrysalises".