Sunday, February 10, 2008

Norfolk nature watch

I have been told that there are some daffs out in flower in some areas, but I've not seen any yet. All the ones I've seen have been just budding up like these ones:

Norfolk is full of wonderful old trees. Even without leaves, they look lovely against the clear blue sky. In their coats of ivy, they reminded me of wizened old men and women in green fur jackets:


Hawthorn is just starting to leaf up:

I was intrigued by these white flowers. I thought it was too early for blackthorn or hawthorn flowers, but these *are* blackthorn. The flowers do come out before the leaves and are supposed to come out in late feb, so these ones are a bit early:



whippetsgalore said...

what a lovely day that was, so spring like but only just into February. A really enjoyable walk , a little sunshine makes a whole lot of difference.

dive said...

Beautiful photos, Pea.
A belated Happy Birthday to you (28 again) and a belated Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary to mum and dad!
Yaaaaays all round!

Scout said...

Real flowers!! I've still got snow and wind and ice on occasion to top it off. Lovely.

Alifan said...

Lovely pics Pea.....and give Mum and Dad my congratulations..........