Monday, February 18, 2008


Walked: 17 February 2008
Distance: 18m

Summary: Starting from Hartshorne, walk around Foremark reservoir, past Bendall's and Seven Spouts Farm, Hangman's Stone and on to Ticknall. By the Calke estate, pick up the Ivanhoe Way at the Ferrer's Centre and on to Ashby. Head off right (west) before crossing the bypass, and back to Hartshorne via Smisby.

It can take some determination to keep walking through the winter, when it's often cold, grey, wet, muddy, dark or all of the above. I have resolved to walk the Ivanhoe Way (I've said this the last two years and not managed it), and so am trying to build up my distance early in the year. The weather has been glorious, if very cold, so it was easy to get out this weekend.

I had been planning to do a 20+ mile walk this weekend, but after yesterday's 9, I stopped short of 20. That's still 27 over the two days.

Was it worth getting out of bed at 7am when the temperature was minus a lot outside? Sure was!!

This is one of the best views in South Derbyshire:

I'm very pleased with this picture of Smisby church:


dive said...

Gosh, that looks chilly, Pea, but the views more than compensate for it. Beautiful!

Jules said...

Hubby and I did this walk yesterday. Saw loads of sloes that should be ready in a few weeks. Also saw a little fawn.

peahen said...

Wow - well done on the distance. (How's training going for the 3 peaks?) I'm chuffed to bits that you've chosen to walk one of my routes! There's something a bit magical about seeing a fawn, isn't there?