Sunday, August 04, 2013

Mystery bird

Distance: 9 miles
Walked: Saturday 3 August 2013
Total miles walked this year: 177
Route: Ashby to Hartshorne and back

This short but pleasant walk was all I had time for today. I was treated to the sight of this bird flapping around while walking through a section of The National Forest and turning a corner he was sitting on a post. I knew he'd fly as I approached so I held the camera (iPhone was all I had with me) ready for that moment. Unfortunately not close enough for ID purposes but it was large, browns with white flashes.

Any ideas?


aliqot said...

I can't really see it well enough - is it possibly an osprey or a buzzard?

r1ckatkinson said...

If it was quite small it's likely to be a kestrel. They quite common by road verges, often hanging in the sky.

Shiela Dixon said...

It was huge, looked massive sitting on the post. It was either an owl or bird of prey, I didn't see the head well enough to tell. It reminded me of the red kites I've seen in the Peak District but obviously more of a buffy brown than red.