Sunday, January 16, 2011

first leg-stretch of 2011

I was speaking to someone during the week who'd moved to Portugal and felt that various inconveniences were more than made up for by the lovely weather there.

There have been times when I'd have moved to a sunnier country but I don't feel that way now. Even when it's damp, grey, drizzly and blustery, I'll take England any day.

On a bit of a whim (and a lot of guilt about not walking very far this year) I walked a bit of the Cloud Trail from Wilson towards Derby and then along the Trent and Mersey towards Willington. There's very little life at the moment, the only green is the grass and the ivy which is lagging the trees.

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dive said...

Having spent a whole lot of time in Portugal I can only agree with you, Pea. It's way too hot in the summer and it rains like hell in the winter. There are a couple of months in Spring and Autumn where it's perfect, but there are here, too.
My Portuguese friends are always amazed by how green and lush everything is over here.
You live in a truly beautiful part of the world and you're right to love it.