Sunday, September 20, 2009

Foremark Reservoir circular walk

Distance: 4m
Walked: 15/9/09

This is a short jaunt with some lovely South Derbyshire views. You'll see from the map that the start point this time is the 'proper' car park at the top end (just outside Ticknal) and walk anti-clockwise around the reservoir. Unfortunately, there's no way to avoid a little bit of road, but we soon join the sandy lane which travels the western side of the reservoir. Half-way along this are some views across the water.

It emerges at a road. This point is certainly one of South Derbyshire's finest viewpoints. Whether you can call the cooling towers and Toyota factory landmarks or eyesores is your choice.

After Bondwood farm, a path crosses horsey fields and takes you down into the woods, past Carvers' Rocks before emerging at this secret picnic spot at the bottom of the reservoir.

This very straight bridleway takes you back to the start point. An alternative is to pick your way through the woods between this path and the water.

Click the map below to see the interactive version on OS Explore.


dive said...

That picnic spot looks idyllic, Pea.
And I like the cooling towers; they remind me I'm definitely not in Norfolk!

peahen said...

Are there no cooling towers at all in Norfolk? There are currently several groups of them near me. I have written before about the ones at Willington (pictured in this post) and how they're threatened with demolition. A few years ago we lost some more at Drakelow. I wrote about how I find them an eyesore, but at the same time, I'd miss them because they're such a landmark. Besides being a good navigational aid, there's something comforting about seeing a big local landmark.

dive said...

There are several cool towers but no cooling ones. The closest we get is the crap sugar refinery at Cantley.
As you know, most of our towers are Saxon and Norman and stuck on the end of churches.
I like your cooling towers; they're kind of graceful, like something from a potter's wheel, so they don't look too out of place in your part of the world.

peahen said...

I'd never thought of them as looking like something on a potter's wheel, but that's so true and now I will, every time I see them! Quite appropriate as we're close to The Potteries! Tony Gormley, eat your heart out!