Sunday, March 01, 2009

Green shoots

Distance: 11m
Walked: 1 March 09

I've really let my walking slip. It's difficult to get motivated during the winter. But this morning, officially the first day of Spring, that changed. Contrary to the weather forecast, the sun was out and it really did feel like Spring. Seeing a few buds and leaves really did get the juices flowing again! this is Hawthorn, one of the first signs of Spring.

Here we hit a minor snag. That underwater stile and waypost is where the public right of way is. It hasn't been raining, and so this strange flood seemed odd. We couldn't see any reason for it (for example a blocked river), it was just a flooded field. Even more bizarrely, the water is marked on the map (and the dotted green line of the footpath goes through the water), so it seems to be reasonably permanent. Presumably it wasn't flooded when the waypost and stile were put there...? Fortunately, it wasn't too difficult to take a slight detour around the edge of the water.

A classic image of spring. Wool on legs.

I haven't identified this tree yet, but it has big pom-pom-like catkins with busy bees all over it.


Jules said...

Strange about the flooded footpath.

We were at Calke & Dimminsdale and there was the signs of spring. Dimminsdale was flooded with snowdrops and the feint whiff of wild garlic.

When we had the snow I was driving down Manchester Lane and saw an amazing sight. You could clearly see the Peak District and it's coating of snow. It looked fantastic, I just wish I had my camera with me.

dive said...

That's a goat willow, Pea (salix caprea). It always flowers early and the catkins start off silvery grey and then turn a glorious yellow when they are ripe with pollen. It's the bees' breakfast after winter.

You know where to come for your arboreal pedantry needs. Hee hee.