Saturday, June 14, 2008

Walked: 8 Jun 2008
Distance: 14m

Today I walked my '3 viewpoints walk'. I'd normally take the distance in my stride, but today was really hot, and got really tired before the end.

this is one of my favourite views - from the south end of Staunton Harold reservoir. It looked particularly blue today, reflecting the gorgeous sky.

Today's theme was this pink flower. I think it's dog-rose and there was a lot of it about today. If I'm right, these flowers will be rose-hips later in the year.

The 'sister' reservoir, Foremark, also looked beautiful.

This sign makes me laugh at this time of the year! It was scortching hot today - but watch out for the ice!!

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dive said...

Glorious, stunning blues and greens, Pea, and a beautiful photo of the dog rose. Tis the season for dog rose and elder; what a lovely hedgerow combination … and all of those hips and berries to look forward to!