Friday, July 27, 2007

She emerged blinking into the daylight

The furthest I've walked during the last four weeks is from the office car park to my desk, which isn't far. I've lost my chance at the 2007 attempt on the Ivanhoe Way now; partly because of a full life and partly because of the monsoon season we've had instead of a summer this year. (Maybe next year!)

I saw a remarkable sight out of my window this afternoon - sunshine. That, coupled with my discovery of this site (during the course of my work, I hasten to add) filled me with the strong urge to be in the Peak District with my boots on.

My 6-miler around Ticknall seemed perfect for stretching the legs and shaking away the cobwebs ahead of visiting the Peaks tomorrow, so I emerged blinking into the sunlight and IT FELT GOOD!!!!! I've documented this route several times before, so here are some photos.

Sadly, there's a lot of wheat lying wrecked, presumably because of the deluge of water we've had, but it was good to see that plenty is still standing, and looking golden now.

These are my first blackberries this year - it still feels a bit early, but very tasty they were.

This is one of my favourite local views - looking across Foremark Reservoir. It looked particularly beautiful tonight


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dive said...

Gorgeous shots, Pea.
You always were one for snaffling wild fruit, weren't you? hee hee.
I hope the blackberries weren't too sharp.