Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ticknall Circular

  • Walked: 13th September 06

  • Distance: 6.5m

  • Terrain: fairly flat

  • Summary: Walk the length of Foremark Reservoir using the straight bridleway, pick up the path which passes Bendalls Farm and Seven Spouts Farm. At Ticknall take the path which goes parallel to the Calke Abbey driveway, and cross fields back to the start point.

  • Time: 2 hours start to finish

  • Notable views: View back over the Trent Valley when approaching Ticknall.

  • Note to self; try this route in reverse, as all the good views seem to be behind you!

I just love these September sunsets, when everything turns orange and it's still warm!

This is a short walk I've used several times as a leg-strecher after work mid-week. As the nights are drawing in now, and we still have some decent weather, I was keen to fit this in this week, while it's still possible.

As always, the description below is not intended to guide anyone around without Explorer 245 and the necessary map-reading skills.

part of this walk is shared with the 3 Viewpoints walk - starting at the lower end of Foremark Reservoir, walk up the straight bridleway passing where the Wicker Jack and Jill used to be (and their wishing well still stands). At the road entrance to the reservoir, walk just a little way along the road and pick up the path which passed Bendall's Farm. (I noticed a sign this evening advertising free-range eggs for 60p per 6).

Hangman's stone is marked on the map at SK342262. it's worth turning around at this point and checking out the view behind you. In the foreground of this photo is the stone that Rog and I think might be the stone itself:

Carry on past Seven Spouts Farm, keeping to the right of the converted barn, and round to the right past the fishing pond. Walk round the edge of the pond and past some horse paddocks. Keep in pretty much a straight line to Ticknall. Before Ticknall turn around again and enjoy the view of the Trent Valey (In the misty distance here):

As I approached Ticknall church I enjoyed this lovely orange and mauve sunset:

Cross the road in Ticknall, and find the stile to the right of Calke Abbey's driveway. The footpath is delightful and runs parallel with the driveway. Leave this path to the right before the hall, cross 2 fields and then cross the Ticknall->Ashby road. From now on, the stiles and paths are hard to find, but you'll cross two fields before coming out on the road just to the right of the farm building. 110 steps along the road, pick up the footpath again the other side of the house. A further 3 fields later you're back out on the road almost at the start point.

I noticed that most of the photos that I took tonight were looking back behind me - so maybe walking this in reverse would be a good idea!

The route above was generated using Meander.

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.


Alifan said...

Hi Sheila

Thought you might like to see my blog, David of course set it up...
Love Beryl

Jules said...

We did this walk today, with a detour via Calke Abbey to the Serpentine Wood to look at the bluebells and of course for the obligatory ice-cream. Once we finished it worked out at about 12miles.

We're meant to be training for the Yorkshire 3-Peaks so am going to try some of your longer routes so get used to longer distances.